Semi Hot Runner Mould

Semi hot runner mould contains two plates heated by a manifold system. Depending on the use of molten thermoplastic, Inox has a wide range of products ranging from small to extensive, available in different designs and specs. We have an advanced technology system that allows us to develop your ideal moulding.

Our company will help your stand out against your business competitors. Inox has been manufacturing top-quality semi-hot runner mould for over 22 years. We are expert in providing products according to your requirements. Inox is your best choice in semi-hot runner mould.

Area 32000m2
Workers 1100
—R&D 61
—Quality 73
—Production 876
Al.&Zn. Die Casting Machine
12 (up to 800 tons)
Injection Machine
99 (up to 1200 tons)
Hi Speed Electric Injection Machine
11(up to 280 tons)
2 Shots Injection Machine
11 (up to 600 tons)
CNC/EDM/Milling/Drilling 158
Surface Treatment
Powder Coating / Painting / Sand Blasting / Polishing / Anodizing / Chrome Plating
Assembly Line 3

Semi Hot Runner Mould

Inox is a professional semi-hot runner mould manufacturer in China. We are providing a high-quality semi-hot runner mould for a different product. They are applicable in various industrial applications such as cars, commodities, hardware, furniture, electronics, household appliances, and home use. If you are looking for a reliable partner in China, Inox will be your best source.

Semi hot runner mould can make the best moulding, using the excellent mould material and processing technology. You can avail quality range semi-hot runner system moulds at a very reasonable price.

Inox provides a one-stop solution for your moulding needs. From part design, prototype making, mold design, mold production, mass production, everything, we will cater it in one place. We will keep every process transparent with you. Over 22 years of molding manufacturing experience, Inox makes sure to deliver precision molding solutions.

The semi-hot runner mould has an excellent finish and elegant appearance. It features an easy installation that enables user-friendly operation. They are low maintenance; therefore, you can save the tool cost.

Our semi-hot runner mould individually makes as your applications. We complete our system based on your needs and requirements. Our team guarantees a precise production process corresponding to your preference.

As an expert manufacturer, we dedicate ourselves to provide the best quality products with a long service time. We have advanced resources to develop high-precision mouldings.

If you choose semi-hot runner mould in Inox, you will take advantage on:

  • Enhance molding system efficiency
  • Lower processing cost, reduce cycle time
  • Optimal part quality and competitive price
  • Molding automation; design flexibility
  • Optimal heat transmission and linear on heaters
  • Small and smooth gate mark
  • Avoid runner in mould

At Inox, you can guarantee a complete semi-hot runner mould system application. They are applicable to single and multi mould products. The number of cavities ranges from 1 to 32. Mold lifetime: 100,000~1,000,000 shots. Spare parts and components are also available.

As an ISO9001:2008, TS16949, ISO14001:2015 certificated factory, you can guarantee the level of system control. If you want to learn more about semi-hot runner mould and Inox service, please email us directly.

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