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Expert Plastic Prototype Factory in China

Inox has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality prototypes for a variety of products. For about 20 years, Inox has specialized in the production of Plastic Prototypes. We usually take into account the specific requirements of our clients’ applications.

We offer customers were to use different purposes and services of individual prototypes for your company. In China, Inox is a dependable plastic prototype producer. We expertly deliver all sorts of prototypes that are precise replicas of the prototype materials you are looking for.

Plastic Custom Prototype

Custom plastic prototyping is the shortest yet most cost-effective approach to evaluate unique product concepts for your business. A Custom plastic prototype is a tough substance that is difficult to tear apart.

ABS Plastic Prototype

One of the most typical prototypes is ABS plastic. ABS plastic prototype substance is impact-resistant, has chemical endurance, and can tolerate cold temperature protection.

SLS Nylon Prototype

When it concerns rapid prototyping, SLS Nylon Prototyping is one of our most preferred choices. SLS Nylon prototyping necessitates the use of powered laser beams, which are frequently prohibitively expensive and potentially dangerous to operate in our household.

Nylon PA Rapid Prototype

Nylon PA Rapid Prototyping is the best option since it can be produced with precise layer thicknesses and is post-processing friendly. The enhanced structural qualities of this nylon material make it ideal for modern rapid prototyping applications, and You can also use it to replace injection molding plastics.

CNC Machining Prototypes

NC machining prototypes enable developers to employ powerful automated technology to create rapid prototypes, scientific layouts, and top-quality components in the shortest time plausible. CNC machining prototypes are quick, do not require static equipment, are precise, simple to alter, and work with various components.

Aluminum Metal Prototype

Aluminum metal prototypes can assist in the initial detection of potential defects in a project, conserving cost in the long term and reducing manufacturing timelines. Aluminum Metal prototyping also has excellent resilience to chemical, durability, and post-manufacturing distortion.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Prototype

Sheet metal fabrication is ideal for making working prototypes or final components; however, finished sheet metal aspects usually need to be finished before being marketed. A sheet metal fabrication prototype is a set of industrial procedures used to transform sheet metal material into functional pieces.

High Precision Plastic Prototypes

This form of equipment requires for mass volume prototype applications. Straightforward concept and casting adjustments, more material options, and larger quantity productions are all possible with an increased plastic prototype.

Electroplating Rapid prototype

Electroplating rapid prototype is a procedure that includes utilizing a high voltage current to apply a thin steel component or adhesive to an electrical insulator material. Electroplating rapid prototype mainly uses modify an element’s surface qualities.

Why Inox Plastic Prototype

At Inox, we provide a comprehensive quality machine that is in the production of your prototypes. Inox Plastic prototype is a method of mass-producing items in massive amounts. Aside from this one, they provide unequaled imaginative versatility.

Inox develops a practical plastic prototype to support clients in locating and testing many varieties of plastic so that you could select material with the power, endurance, coloration, and budget features that will best fit your project shortly. Plastic prototyping is dependable, biodegradable, convenient to manufacture, durable, and cost-effective.

Area32000m2Workers1100—R&D61—Quality73—Production876Al.&Zn. Die Casting Machine

12 (up to 800 tons)

Injection Machine

99 (up to 1200 tons)

Hi Speed Electric Injection Machine

11(up to 280 tons)

2 Shots Injection Machine

11 (up to 600 tons)

CNC/EDM/Milling/Drilling158Surface Treatment

Powder Coating / Painting / Sand Blasting / Polishing / Anodizing / Chrome Plating

Assembly Line3

PC PC/PBT Polycarbonate PS
PP PEEK Polypropylene

Inox Plastic Prototype Manufacturer

Inox became the leading supplier and producer of plastic prototypes. We offer fine manufacturing lines to meet even the most essential prototype you request. Inox is a prominent plastic prototype company located in China.

Inox plastic prototype is ideal for producing large amounts of plastic components. Inox is acquiring strong recognition in international and domestic marketplaces thanks to its many decades of work expertise. The plastic prototype facilitates the technique.

We have twenty years of prototype experience, so clients could depend on us to obtain outstanding plastic prototypes. Inox is the best option if you need a durable plastic prototype. Our company can guarantee you one of the most advanced and accurate prototypes due to our commitment to great work.

Advantage of Plastic Prototype:

  • A large budget is not required
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Procedures are highly developed
  • Made to be reusable
  • Launched on the market more quickly
  • Shortened the time and cost of product development

Inox can develop a customized plastic prototype to satisfy your particular criteria. This Inox prototype serves as a device for constructing a comprehensive building with precise calculations. We can create plastic prototype options by utilizing our immense knowledge and experience.

To make prototyping more manageable, we cautiously arrange all of the finalized prototype components. Developers are capable makers and providers of any prototype that is ideal for the development of your plastic prototype. Our state-of-the-art fabrication machinery allows us to create a wide range of plastic prototype goods in any color, dimension, pattern, or plating.

We constantly employ the most up-to-date and elevated technology tooling reference, model. Please get in touch with us right away if you’d like additional information on how we can produce your idea.

Inox is your multiskilled market with everything from product consultation to rapid prototyping and customized compositions and second method and sub-assembly solutions. This technique allows you to create beautiful designs and attributes for products and materials, making prototyping easier. You can always depend on us to help you handle even the highest-quality transactions.

Inox has many personnel and industrial specialists, allowing us to identify a variety of raw materials quickly. When it relates to plastic prototyping, Inox is the most excellent option to go. Inox collaborates with professionals who are intelligent, experienced, and accountable. We will always be ready to assist you and supply what you require.

You can write to us immediately if you have any further concerns or questions.


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