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Inox has rich experience in manufacturing and producing moulds and dies to support your business. With years of experience in this industry, we have become the most trusted moulds and dies manufacturer and supplier in China. If you have a custom design in mind, Inox can cater to your needs. We are always committed to customers satisfaction and make your product development in mind into reality.

Inox offers a wide range of moulds and dies for various applications and purposes. In China, we are a leading moulds and dies manufacturer, offering a very reasonable rate to our customers worldwide. We precisely provide all kinds of mouds and dies based on your exact requirements. Let Inox skyrocket your business now!

Blowing Mold

Perfect for producing slipper air blowing mold, liquid line, water bottle, and many more. Different plastic materials can be done through blowing mold.

Aluminum Injection Molds

It can lower your manufacturing cost, great quality output, great fabrication solution, various material options, and no maintenance.

Semi Hot Runner Mould

Using excellent processing technology and mold material, the semi-hot runner mold provides the best molding. We offer competitive rates for you.

Cap Mould

It allows you to produce a wide range of mold caps into different outlooks you want. It is available at a very reasonable rate.

Multi Cavity Mold

It is ideal for high-volume manufacturing and reduces lead times. Multi cavity mold is applicable in almost all industries.

Plastic Bucket Mould

It is flexible and more sturdy, suitable for producing different types of containers, such as paint containers. Send us your inquiry!

Custom Injection Molds

It is manufacture for producing a variety of plastic parts, such as enclosures, plastic containers, cups, etc.

Die Casting Mould

Die casting mold is suitable for manufacturing solid components, forming stable and durable parts.

Aluminium Foil Container Mould

It is ideal for molding refrigerated containers, laboratory containers, food containers, and other packaging supply.

Why Inox Moulds and Dies

Inox is well experience moulds and dies manufacturer and supplier in China. We can assure you of top-quality moulds and dies since we have a professional engineering team. Besides, Inox has complete modern machines to process trusted quality moulds and dies. Our team ensures strict quality inspection before we ship the products. All of our products are accessible at a competitive price.

Area32000m2Workers1100—R&D61—Quality73—Production876Al.&Zn. Die Casting Machine

12 (up to 800 tons)

Injection Machine

99 (up to 1200 tons)

Hi Speed Electric Injection Machine

11(up to 280 tons)

2 Shots Injection Machine

11 (up to 600 tons)

CNC/EDM/Milling/Drilling158Surface Treatment

Powder Coating / Painting / Sand Blasting / Polishing / Anodizing / Chrome Plating

Assembly Line3

PC PC/PBT Polycarbonate PS
PP PEEK Polypropylene

Inox Moulds and Dies

If you’re looking for the best and reliable moulds and dies solution provider in China, Inox is the right place to come. If you want to make different objects, components, or parts, then Inox moulds and dies are the best way. We are your trusted moulds and dies supplier in China, maintaining excellent performance when providing services to our customers worldwide.

Our company has a complete production line to provide moulds and dies in your urgent orders. Moulds and dies production gives a huge impact on the manufacturing industries. The quality, cost, and lead times make them ideal to make a wide range of assemblies, components, and subassemblies in the automotive industry.

Inox moulds and dies are equipment that is essential to mass production in manufacturing. It is the most significant tool for shaping and forming parts and components. Moulds and dies are very popular for producing sheet metal and automobile body components.

Types of Inox Mould and Dies
  • blowing mold
  • bottle moulds
  • pet bottle mould
  • plastic die mould
  • injection moulding die
  • plastic bucket mould
  • rubber molding die
  • tire mold
  • plastic spoon mould
  • flip top cap mold

Inox is a CE-certified factory in China, supplying all types of moulds and dies that fit your applications. Our team can design and create moulds and dies based on your requirements and specifications. Inox can provide you customized solutions to satisfy your particular needs.

Inox is a trusted company in tooling technologies, rapid product development, precision engineering, metrology, and other related products and services. Being the top moulds and dies supplier and manufacturer in China, we strive to give you the best products and services.

We utilize advanced production lines and vast knowledge to develop top-quality products. Our modern production line and state-of-the-art facility allow us to produce a wide range of molds and die in any form, size, and shape.

At Inox, we ensure our moulds and dies to provide repeatability and consistency. Our company can make ultimate moulds and dies solution combining our knowledge and rich experience in the industry.

Moulds and Dies Application
  • automotive
  • computer
  • plumbing
  • medical
  • consumer goods

Inox is your go-to moulds and dies solution provider in China. We offer one-stop services from quick prototyping, design consult to custom formulations and sub-assembly service.

If you’re looking for a reliable mould and die manufacturer in China, you can find the right solution at INOX! Please don’t hesitate to email us for your upcoming project needs!

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