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Expert Mould Factory in China

Inox has comprehensive knowledge when it comes to tooling and forming high-quality mould for any of your applications. We always consider the requirement details of the application of our customers. We professionally provide all types of moulds that exactly form your aimed plastic products.

We introduce to you various applications and functions of specific moulds you need for your business. We are your trusted provider of high-standard feature moulds in China. Inox is also successfully exporting such products throughout the country. As your reliable partner, we offer our manufacturing moulds at competitive prices.

Professional Overmolding Injection Mould

This type of mould operates about 300,000-500,000shots. We also successfully export this valuable mould to other countries.

Vehicle Parts Injection Mould

This type of mould achieves your desired form of vehicle parts. It makes it well polished, powder-coated, or with painting finishing.

Plastic Mould Product Maker

This high-end plastic mould product maker operates 300000-500000 shots. It usually has a multi or single cavity.

Precision Aluminum Mould

This precision aluminum mould is undergoing machined finish surface treatments. It almost has 0.005mm precision.

Custom Injection Mould

Inox provides an exact custom injection mould that fits on your needed finish plastic products. It has complex products available.

Acrylic Parts Plastic Mould

This high-quality acrylic parts plastic mould can operate 100k- 500k Shots. It is composed of a single cavity and multiple cavities.

Economical Custom Injection Mould

This material-made economical custom injection mould is of high durability. Inox makes sure of its flawless performance operation.

Concrete Building Block Mould

The most significant part size of concrete building block mould measures 1500*1500mm*1000mm with 500000 shots.

Small Plastic Moulded Injection

This small plastic moulded injection is a hot and cold runner type of mould. It operates 500000 shots of moulded products.

Why Inox Mould

Inox has skillful workers that assure you well-manufactured moulds. We also have complete high-end machines that are present in the manufacturing processes of your ordered moulds. Inox also conducts strict quality inspections to make sure you receive your called moulds in the best condition. In Inox, you can indeed have high-quality moulds that you can utilize for a long time. We never disappoint the expectations of our customers. We do not only intend to satisfy you with the q qualities of our products but also with our services. 

Area32000m2Workers1100—R&D61—Quality73—Production876Al.&Zn. Die Casting Machine

12 (up to 800 tons)

Injection Machine

99 (up to 1200 tons)

Hi Speed Electric Injection Machine

11(up to 280 tons)

2 Shots Injection Machine

11 (up to 600 tons)

CNC/EDM/Milling/Drilling158Surface Treatment

Powder Coating / Painting / Sand Blasting / Polishing / Anodizing / Chrome Plating

Assembly Line3

PC PC/PBT Polycarbonate PS
PP PEEK Polypropylene

Inox Mould Manufacturer

Inox is your trusted manufacturer that forms in-demand types of moulds in China. We are maintaining our outstanding performance when giving services to our clients even out of the country. We have enough production lines that can provide even your quickly ordered moulds.

Inox moulds effectively create many plastic products like electronic housings, containers, bottle caps, automotive interiors, combs, and many other plastic items. These injection moulds are the perfect equipment to produce high volumes of plastic products. The multi-cavity injection moulds help in doing the process.

Moulds are the standard equipment being used to produce numerous plastic products for your business. It is practical to have this injection mould in your factory or manufacturing processes. It helps the works more manageable and provides large production of your specific plastic product for your business.

Advantages of Moulds

  • High-tolerance precision
  • Repeatable
  • High-quality material selection
  • Low labor cost
  • Fewer scrap losses
  • Little need to finish parts

This Inox mould is the tool to form a complete structure and accurate measurements. We are your capable manufacturer and source of any moulds perfect for developing your specific plastic products.

Our 380 workers, 61 professional engineers, and 73 quality inspectors assure you of our offered moulds’ satisfying durability and performance. You can always count on our assistance in processing even your maximum quantity of orders.

Inox has a deep understanding of marketing such essential products. We set our goal to fulfill and provide the requests of our consistent customers. We give negotiable prices to our loyal customers locally and abroad.

Injection Mould Types are:

  • Low and high cavitation
  • Family mould
  • Unscrewing mould 
  • Hot runner moulds
  • Cold runner mould
  • Insulated runner mould
  • Two / three plate

Low and high cavitation is a single cavity mould that can create one part per cycle. This mould has only a lesser lead time on processing. 

Family mould also has a single mould with more than one cavities and can produce two various parts of plastic products. It needs the same size, shape, resin, and volume to create components simultaneously.

Unscrewing mould is the most basic process of forming threaded holes into the plastic parts. This type of mould runs into multi-tooling processes.

Hot runner moulds can ideally lessen and eliminate runner scrap from the cycle. This type of mould improves cycle times considering its controlled temperature.

Colds runner moulds operate with sprues and runners to the gate of the part. It deals with high-cost materials to use regrind applications for your project.

Insulated runner mould is not applicable for all types of materials. It is used for heating methods to create a surrounding layer of molten resin for a hot runner.

Two / three plate is also a cold runner tool that adds a third plate to a runner procedure. This type of mould is more cost-effective than other types of moulds.

We are open to your anytime inquiries and orders of moulds. Inox has professional sales staff to entertain your questions. We are willing to give you a quick response to your calls and emails.

You can choose from our extent selections of type of moulds that fits your applications. Contact us now, right here!

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