Injection Moulding Die

The Inox injection moulding die is one of the most valuable materials used to form the exact plastic products in high volumes. This injection moulding die can indeed achieve your desire design of specific plastic products you need. Using this high-quality injection moulding die, you can experience fast production of any of your plastic products for your business. 

This moulding has enormous design flexibility, considering its extreme high-pressure operation to fulfill the best result. Inox Injection moulding die is commonly used in the factories to make all processes faster than the other ways. It usually has fillers to enhance its strength when moulding and complete every part of the finished product.

Area 32000m2
Workers 1100
—R&D 61
—Quality 73
—Production 876
Al.&Zn. Die Casting Machine
12 (up to 800 tons)
Injection Machine
99 (up to 1200 tons)
Hi Speed Electric Injection Machine
11(up to 280 tons)
2 Shots Injection Machine
11 (up to 600 tons)
CNC/EDM/Milling/Drilling 158
Surface Treatment
Powder Coating / Painting / Sand Blasting / Polishing / Anodizing / Chrome Plating
Assembly Line 3

Injection Moulding Die

Inox injection moulding dies perfectly perform their role according to their purpose. This machine becomes part of most of the plastic product factories worldwide. Inox as your professional manufacturer, assures your the best forming injection moulding die. This injection moulding die is the material or machine that helps produce more plastic products a thousand or a million times.

We are your 20-year experienced moulding, supplying partner of different types of injection moulding die for your various plastic product business. With our 61 professional engineers and 70+ quality control experts, our offered injection moulding die is indeed in the best condition and gives you satisfying outcomes. 

Inox is your ideal manufacturer that can reach your standards and expectations regarding its performance and durability. All of our releasing injection moulding dies are certified approved by ISO9001:2008, TS16949, ISO14001:2015 factory certification. You can quickly receive your customized injection moulding die machines on time.

Injection Moulding Die Advantages

  • High-efficient
  • Low labor costs
  • High-output production
  • Wide material choice
  • Low scrap rates
  • Good color control
  • Product consistency

Main Parts of Injection Moulding Die

  • Injection unit
  • Mold(the one that operates the whole process)
  • Clamping or ejector unit

The upgraded and high-quality injection moulding die you desire is what you can get from Inox. Our well-formed types of injection moulding die can surely achieve your desire design of plastic products. All of our offered injection moulding dies are undergoing strict quality tests to ensure your benefits and excellent results.

Inox injection moulding die has immense consistency to produce high tolerance and reliability of its every part. We also prefer to use high-standard compounding when manufacturing injection moulding dies to achieve unique color. Our introducing injection moulding die is available in different sizes depending on your needs.

So if you are searching for the perfect injection moulding die, Inox can instantly provide you with that. Contact or visit Inox Webpage for more information about various types of injection moulding die!

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