Aluminium Foil Container Mould

Aluminium foil container mould is ideal for making a vast array of products. It includes food containers, refrigerated containers, baking containers, laboratory containers, and other packaging fields. The best part of aluminum foil container mould is the precision they offer to shape the container.

Inox manufactures aluminum foil container moulds in both single-cavity and multi-cavities. They can be tailor to various sizes and dimensions following respective usage and application. Inox can fully customize any aluminum foil container mould to fit any container.

Area 32000m2
Workers 1100
—R&D 61
—Quality 73
—Production 876
Al.&Zn. Die Casting Machine
12 (up to 800 tons)
Injection Machine
99 (up to 1200 tons)
Hi Speed Electric Injection Machine
11(up to 280 tons)
2 Shots Injection Machine
11 (up to 600 tons)
CNC/EDM/Milling/Drilling 158
Surface Treatment
Powder Coating / Painting / Sand Blasting / Polishing / Anodizing / Chrome Plating
Assembly Line 3

Aluminium Foil Container Mould

Aluminum foil container mould produces high precision containers. Inox uses fine-quality raw materials in our modern production facility to make the perfect tool.

They are applicable in typical household products, appliances, automotive, and other commercial products. If you are looking for a broad category of aluminum foil container mould, Inox is your ideal place to be.

Aluminum foil container mould comes with a 500,000 shots life. Or can customize it depending on your request. They are available in various sizes and dimensions corresponding to usage and application.

Our advantage of aluminum foil container mould are:

  • Long shelf-life; stable quality
  • High precision with reasonable design
  • Edge bending and folding performance
  • Use bigger pins with suitable heat treatment steel
  • Reduce product cost

With such advantages, moulding can make all the processes of aluminum foil containers in one step.

Aluminum foil container mould technical specifications:

  • one or more cavity
  • 0.03mm–0.350mm thicknesses
  • Elongation≥12%,
  • Tensile Strength≥120Mpa
  • Material: 8011, 8006, 3003, 3005 alloy

Inox aluminum foil container mould adopts pneumatic rebound devices that make the moulding more flexible. We can design and produce aluminum foil container moulds with different rims: G-style, folded style, L-style, or IVC.

Through the advanced process, we carefully control the production of containers. We can customize the mold size and design according to the customer’s specific needs. Our team will do an appropriate treatment plan for your product development.

You can also customize the surface finish of your containers by choosing from various options such as polished, texture, and EDM marks.

As a leading supplier of aluminum foil container mould, we can design and manufacture moldings according to the latest market standards. We are glad to bring the best automatic smart aluminum foil container production line all around the world.

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