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Inoxmold provides mold engineering services to help our customers in the most critical stages of the design and development of plastic thermoformed parts. Inoxmold's project engineers work closely with the client's design team to review the concept and design intent to eliminate project delays and high downstream cost errors. This is also the best time to effectively evaluate the part design to ensure an efficient production cycle and material utilization. Compromises made in the mold engineering part of the project may adversely affect the quality of the finished thermoformed part.
Plastic injection molding is a technical process of melting into to form specific parts. From automobile parts to electronic products to household products, almost all plastic part is molded. Plastic injection molding has a very low unit cost, and large-scale replication, and good design ability. Inoxmold focuses on and has rich experience in multi-color molding, over-molding, and insert injection, which is widely used in consumer electronics, household appliances, automobile, medical, and other products or industries

In House Tooling Shop

In house tooling shop with 380 workers, 61 professional engineering, 73 quality control expert.

Expert in mold flow analysis & design for manufacturing ability.

Two Shot Injection Molding

2 Material/2 Shot/2 Color/2K Molding

Two shot injection molding will Improve your injection part integrity and reduce your part unit cost, reduce the parts handling and secondary assembly cost. If you need better quality injection parts, then you need to consider this molding type.

Rich Technical Resources

  • Over 20 years mold development experience
  • Exported over 10,000 tooling to global clients
  • Expert in mold flow analysis & design
  • In-house plastic lab for material testing & analysis
  • Solidworks, MoldFlow, Moldex3D, & PowerMill Pro software



Precision Molding & Mechanical Solution

Any industry injection part you need, Inox will always provide you the best molding and mechanical solution.

Injection Molding Material You Can Choose

You can choose plastic material you want for your parts, or Inox will provide your the best material solution for your injection parts.

Advanced Quality Control on Your Parts

Inox always use Multi-level Quality Management System (QMS) to control your tooling and molding quality.

More About
Inox Manufacturing Capacity

  • Over 32,000 square meters manufacturing factory in China
  • Over 1000 factory employees
  • In house tooling shop with 380 workers, 61 professional engineering,73 quality control expert
  • ISO9001:2008, TS16949, ISO14001:2015 factory Certification
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Our Clients

Our clients come from all over the world, many fortune 500 companies choose us. We provide our clients with high quality services and products.

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